Massage in Bangkok Guide

Warning: Bangkok Spas do NOT all provide “happy ending” services. Proceed with caution!

When it comes to seeking a massage in Bangkok, knowledge really is power. In fact, Bangkok massage parlors remain one of the Thai capital’s most confusing attractions for newcomers. Able to draw tourists, pleasure seekers, and even businessmen, the Bangkok massage scene is truly a booming operation. While almost any type of specialty massages in Bangkok, it’s the “happy ending” variety which draws the most attention, and each year men from all over the world experience the delights of an authentic Bangkok massage.

bangkok hotel room masseuse

Bangkok soapy massage girls.

All districts of Bangkok have massage parlors in operation. Whether you’re in Dusit or Riverside, Banglampu or Ratanakosin, massage parlors are waiting nearby to service you. While literally thousands of massage parlors operate in Bangkok, there is definitely a wide range in quality. Approximately 30% are of the tourist variety, often charging premium prices for mediocre women. These are typically safe, but more expensive and things run more by-the-book.

Secret Sukhumvit Massage Harems

The jewels of Bangkok massage parlors are another story. These family-run parlors on Sukhumvit Road cater to the customer’s needs, often importing girls from neighboring Asian nations to maintain a fresh harem to choose from. Prices are about half or even less of the touristy parlors, and there are virtually no limits once in privacy with one of their girls. They honestly create an experience so amazing that many customers return to Bangkok each year to relive it. These parlors, while not listed in any tourist guide book, will make your visit to Bangkok more special than you could ever imagine!

Secret Thai Parlours Revealed

Unfortunately, there is also a third type of Bangkok massage parlor…an unscrupulous variety. With little done by the Thai government to crack down on them, their numbers are increasing and their scams are becoming more aggressive. Typically, a scam works in one of two ways in these Bangkok massage outfits. In the first scenario, a customer is overcharged through stern negotiations, then promptly shut in a room with the masseuse for a few minutes, only to have the massage abruptly ended by either her or men entering the room while speaking and gesturing aggressively until finally the customer is pressured to leave without satisfaction.

An even more serious scenario involves a Bangkok massage establishment actually shaking down the customer using strong-armed tactics. With the help of the immigrant Nigerian gangs, dozens of times each night a customer is led by a girl into a room of waiting thugs, only to be beaten and robbed. Authorities unfortunately often succeed at keeping these stories out of the press, but industry insiders know all too well the increasing frequency of these attacks. Nightmare stories circulate through the Bangkok massage circuits about this newest threat wave.

Bangkok Massage Girls Exposed!

Since 2007, the most popular service in Bangkok massage has been of course the soapy massage. These delightful slides with gorgeous Thai girls in a warm sudsy tub are absolute bliss, and any visitor who experiences these are certain to come back for more! Typically the girl will start by sliding her wet body against that of the customer, slithering her curves along his manhood until full arousal takes place. In reputable parlours, the act then will progress into all forms of imaginable sex, while in the scam parlors the girl will begin a series of renegotiations, only to end up teasing the customer for extended periods before suddenly exiting the tub. Waiting men have also been reported to enter the room at this point, and shake down the customer in his aroused state of vulnerability. These experiences can be a nightmare for the victim, often leaving emotional scars that last for years.

bangkok soapy massage

Exotic Thai parlour girls.

In order to assist the newcomer to the Bangkok massage scene, industry insider Matthew Harbaugh has released a comprehensive guide to Bangkok massages. Not only will Matthew lead you straight to the “paradise” level massage parlours in Bangkok, he’ll make sure you avoid the many lurking dangers as well. What else will you discover in his tell-all guide?

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Updated August 2018!

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