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soapy massage bangkok parlour

Soapy Massage Bangkok studios are often preferred over high-end Thai massage parlours.

Soapy Massage Bangkok Parlour Warning!

You can discover here the cautionary tales left by other travelers about soapy massage Bangkok parlours which inflate prices for foreigners, sometimes adding 100USD or more before allowing you to leave.

There is also the other side to what visitors call “massage sukhumvit” (massage services catering to men’s needs) – outcall massage Bangkok services have sprung up in recent years, offering hotel massage services which are a discrete and safe alternative to night visits to soi cowboy or sukhumvit. The dangers today are far worse today than they were even 10 years ago, so the smart traveler will often take advantage of these outcall hotel room massages.

In Thailand, massage isn’t just an extracurricular activity that fits in nicely between shopping trips. It’s not just a way to unwind after a strenuous workout. In fact in Thailand, massages are an intricate part of daily life. Spa massage parlours throughout the Southeast Asia nation cater to both locals and tourists, and offer some of Asia’s finest massage services you’ll find anywhere. So sit back with a cup of green tea, and discover the secrets of massages in Bangkok that you seek. Sawatdee ka!

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